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Most of us have wondered at some point what does my name mean. We have been identified by it all our lives. Sometimes you may find that the name meaning doesn't resonate with you at all. Other times, it can seem like it describes you perfectly.(Random Name Pikcer)

Of course, there is a chance that knowing the meaning could make you even more irritated at your parents. In other cases, though, it can make you feel better about it than you ever did before. Firstname Harry is a lot cooler when you know it means army ruler.

There was a time when names were frequently chosen to honor someone who was important to the parents. Often, they would be names that were repeated in the family, such as those of grandparents. Now, however, that is often not the case.

Here some random first names and last names , you can pick one to check out:

These days, many parents are taking the time to look up various first names and last names to find ones that are positive, reflecting hopes they have for their children. The meaning does not have to be a burden for you, but it can be fun to look up the significance it is supposed to have.

When you pick what your name means and origin, you might find that you feel better about it than you did before. Sometimes, names that seem ordinary and boring can turn out to have meanings that make them a lot more interesting.

There are many names that might seem to be a bit old-fashioned to you. However, when you find out the meaning, you might feel more enthused about them. Often, they have meanings that refer to such positive attributes as strength in men or beauty in women. For example, Theodore is a Greek name that means divine gift.

What you find out may surprise you in many ways. It turns out that many times you may have thought that you knew how certain names were derived only to find out that the common understanding is incorrect. Not only the meanings but where the names originated can be different than what you previously believed.

Learning about the meanings of names isn't just helpful in terms of your own. If you are looking for the perfect one for a baby or even a pet, it can be nice to know. Even if you are picking it according to how it sounds, you might want to check before saddling them with something that has negative connotations.

Learning about name meanings can also be helpful if you are trying to decide between names. If one name connotes something positive while the other does not, it can be used as a tie-breaker. It may not be the most important consideration but it can be worth knowing.

When asking the question what does my name mean, you can sometimes find alternative explanations. Often, though, when you look further, they make sense.